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Chameleon by Myrrddin Chameleon :iconmyrrddin:Myrrddin 1 4
A Slight Headache
I idly wonder where I'm from.
Do I exist?  If so, how come?
But for all these questions tossed around,
nary an answer will be found.
The same old line is overused;
I think, therefore I am confused.
Forget the forest and the tree,
and never mind philosophy.
:iconmyrrddin:Myrrddin 0 2
The Essay by Myrrddin The Essay :iconmyrrddin:Myrrddin 2 11 Lucid by Myrrddin Lucid :iconmyrrddin:Myrrddin 4 9 Holmes and Watson by Myrrddin Holmes and Watson :iconmyrrddin:Myrrddin 17 22 Influence by Myrrddin Influence :iconmyrrddin:Myrrddin 4 7 Philosophy by Myrrddin Philosophy :iconmyrrddin:Myrrddin 8 7 Father Crepe by Myrrddin Father Crepe :iconmyrrddin:Myrrddin 3 6 Words by Myrrddin Words :iconmyrrddin:Myrrddin 0 1
Drive by Argument
I play a CD
as they yell at each other
like a silent film.
:iconmyrrddin:Myrrddin 1 7
Zetsubou Ost Back Cover by Myrrddin Zetsubou Ost Back Cover :iconmyrrddin:Myrrddin 7 22 Zetsubou OST Front Cover by Myrrddin Zetsubou OST Front Cover :iconmyrrddin:Myrrddin 4 10 Green Tea by Myrrddin Green Tea :iconmyrrddin:Myrrddin 0 4 Ed Crepe by Myrrddin Ed Crepe :iconmyrrddin:Myrrddin 2 11
Falling off the Balance Beam
I was walking of the balance beam
The day that I was charmed.
The beam then shook, that's all it took.
I fell into your arms.
You looked at me, I looked at you.
We blushed and looked away.
You helped me up, I muttered 'thanks'.
You went about your day.
But thoughts of you were everywhere,
Your eyes, you voice, your smile.
I wanted you to visit me
And stay a little while.
The days went by, some seasons changed.
A couple months had passed.
I wondered if you loved me too,
But found I couldn't ask.
The years grew old, and so did we,
And then you moved away.
While suffering in silence,
I thought back to that day.
And climbed back on the balance beam,
Not thinking straight at all.
It shook once more, I nearly swore
And I started to fall,
When two arms caught me once again.
Could it be really true?
But when I stood and turned around,
The person wasn't you.
:iconmyrrddin:Myrrddin 0 0
Take it Outside
Beyond this door frame...
There lies a serene blue sky.
I died on the spot.
:iconmyrrddin:Myrrddin 0 0


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  • Listening to: the drizzle of rain inside my head
  • Reading: my doom
  • Watching: the last hour drift away
  • Playing: with chance
  • Eating: sparkles
  • Drinking: sparkles
"Tessa, why are you sparkly?"  You probably don't want to know.

I am so amazed at my stupidity that I am actually updating my journal.

Sparkles.  You probably know them.  That plague which, once spilled, is nearly impossible to entirely be rid of.  Whether loose, or in a glue form, the damage is the same.  I couldn't find any tape.  You can probably see where this is going.

Around ten or so years ago, my parents had gotten us kids some sparkly glue in a big tube (about the size of a shampoo bottle) in various colors.  

Around three or so years ago, my brother tried to throw them out.  Being both an artist and a packrat, I went "Nooooo!  We might use them someday!" and promptly stole them away from him.  

Around winter last year, whilst decorating presents for our yearly competition, I decided that sparkle glue would be useful.  Now the thing you need to remember about ten-year-old glue in a very thin plastic container is that the plastic is probably no longer as flexible as it once was.  I did not realize this.  When I squeezed the bottle to get the sparkly glue out, it snapped.  Like glass, but less bloody and more dangerous.  Sparkles were everywhere.  I rushed around like a crazy lady trying to clean it before it dried.  It sort of worked.  My mistake.  Oops.  

Around four or so hours ago, I decided that I absolutely must stick something to something else.  There was no readily available tape.  But there was this bottle of sparkly glue right instead of looking more thoroughly, like a sensible person, I of course...

I cannot hug my cat.  I cannot hug my plushies.  I am even wary of typing this for fear of getting sparkles on the keyboard.  Even once washed off, the sparkles remain.  They wait quietly, showing up months, even years after the original spill, waiting, waiting, for another opportunity to strike.  Beware the sparkles.  They outnumber us.


Current Residence: Earth! O_O (Canada)
Favourite genre of music: Not country
Operating System: Windows XP ...(XD)
Favourite cartoon character: (Anime Characters) Ryou and Bakura
Personal Quote: I understood all of that.


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hay! Its Jess from Dawson! Just wanted to say hey!
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:D And Tessa from Dawson! This will be an awesome program, let's do our best!
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AW YEAH! :iconimhappierplz:
Jizz in my pants >3
(this is Karo btw XDDDD )
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Jakie-boi Featured By Owner May 18, 2011
Karo for Dawson who wants to say hi to you both~ :3
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:3 Your colours are delicious. Cheers.
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